The Careel Association offers comprehensive training to members.


Training is seen as essential to provide support for both new and experienced sailors so owners and crew can gain maximum enjoyment from their Careel and sail skilfully and safely.


The Training courses offered are based on the YA (Yachting Australia) model and customised for Careel Sailing Yachts. The Association has a Training Principal, a Coordinator and instructors drawn from amongst Careel members with years of experience.


Group courses are based on number of participants. However, for individual members and their families, during 2013 - 2014 we are expecting to have available a DVD with the theory part. The practical side still will be done by our own instructors, during cruising, racing and other agreed means.


In the meanwhile, please contact our Training Coordinator for more information. Contact details are available in the "Contacts and Officials" link at left.