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Invitation to join and calendar (3.6MB pdf)

Membership Application form (46KB pdf)

Careel Class Rules (113KB pdf)

Careel Cruising Yacht Association Constitution (105KB pdf)

Sample CCYA News (902KB pdf)

Original Careel 18 brochure (165KB pdf)

Careel 18 plan (1) (113KB pdf)

Careel 18 plan (2) (125KB pdf)

Careel 18 shaped keel drawing (585KB pdf)

Careel 18 rudder design drawings (180KB pdf)

Careel 18 rudder mounting arrangement (130KB pdf)

Careel 18 rudder stock design drawings (396KB pdf)

Australian Sea Spray magazine yacht test of the Careel 22 article (354KB pdf)

Careel 22 Hull line drawings (128KB pdf)

Careel 22L Interior line drawings (218KB pdf)

Careel 22L Profile and Deck Plan(303KB pdf)

Careel Swing keel dinette layout line drawings (21KB pdf)

Careel 22 swing keel showing keel (78KB jpg)

Careel 22 Keel locking arrangement (551KB pdf)

Careel 22 keel removal guide (248KB pdf) [NB. This is a guide only. Boat owners should use their own judgement in the suitability of this guide to their circumstances]

Rigging a Careel 18 (23KB pdf)

Article from Afloat magazine September 2004 (21KB pdf)

The infamous "Tunnel of Lurve" boom tent (360KB pdf)

Retrofitting a Sliding Hatch To A C18 (6KB text)

Clever Careel Hatch Prop image (print this on A4 for a full size image then cut out of plywood)