Contacts and Officials 2020/2021
Commodore: Luka Krivacic(02) 9817 6282
Vice Commodore (North): Paul Trotter (07) 3269 1065
Vice Commodore (South): Kim Russell(02) 9997 1168
Rear Commodore: Bob Dziminski (02) 9543 2492
Secretary: Lindsey Edgar (02) 4344 1385
Treasurer: Barbara Atkinson (02) 4739 6853
Public Officer: Barbara Atkinson (02) 4739 6853
Training Co-ordinator: J. Carlos Yanez (02) 9817 1272
Senior Advisor: J. Carlos Yanez (02) 9817 1272
Social Co-ordinators: Neil and Pam Bennett(02) 4739 3733
Newsletter Editor: Luka Krivacic (02) 9817 9282
Web Administrator: Max Marcatili webadmin AT careel DOT com
Fleet Captain - Queensland: David Cook(07) 3314 0585
Fleet Captain - Victoria: Ian Blencowe (03) 9789 2976
Fleet Captain - Lake Macquarie: Don Ray 0402 223 133

Email Addresses
Association Commodore: commodore AT careel DOT com
Vice Commodore (North): vcnorth AT careel DOT com
Vice Commodore (South): vcsouth AT careel DOT com
Rear Commodore: rearcommodore AT careel DOT com
Association Secretary: secretary AT careel DOT com
Treasurer: treasurer AT careel DOT com
Newsletter Editor: editor AT careel DOT com
Social Coordinators: social AT careel DOT com
Web Administrator: webadmin AT careel DOT com
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